Brynzak: Russia will not go for public money

Брынзак: В Россию поедем не за государственные деньги

Vladimir Brynzak

The President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine said that athletes will not be forced to go to Russia for the world Cup.

The President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr Brynzak said that the decision to boycott the world Cup stage on biathlon in Tyumen will be made after the Olympics and individually. At the same time, who decides to go to Tyumen, will be sent for the money of the Federation, not the state.

“We are now preparing for the Olympics and not think about any boycotts. Will be held February and we thinking every participant can Express their opinion. They are not forced to go and did not ban you. If the entire civilized world will be in Tyumen, why should we separate?

I want to clarify that if we go to Russia, not for the state money. So we did not say that he went over budget and pay the taxes. We in the Federation will find the money to send athletes who decide to go to Tyumen.

Let us remember the Second world war, where Germany was the invaders. Time passed and still there go to the competition, the sport develops. What we are now to exacerbate the conflict? We don’t want to artificially create a problem,” said project Manager brynzak in an interview with the Apostrophe.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine would not boycott the Russian world Cup stage on biathlon.

Also Brynzak said that Semerenko sisters, will continue his career after the Olympics, Jim can take a break.

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