Budapest will double the financial assistance to the Hungarians of Transcarpathia

Будапешт удвоит финпомощь венграм Закарпатья

Hungary goes to the Ukrainian Carpathians

Over the past two years target development aid to the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia has reached 1.7 billion.

The representative of the Hungarian government Arpad Janos Potape said that in 2019 Hungary will double financial support for the Hungarian minority in the Transcarpathian region, and will allocate for these purposes of 300 million hryvnia, soobaschet Radio Liberty.

“These funds addressed to 23-24 thousand people in the fields of education, health, culture and social sphere of the Hungarian minority in the form of surcharges to the annual earnings,” said Arpad Janos Patapi.

In turn, the representative of the Hungarian minority of Transcarpathia Levente Magyar said that over the past two years target development aid to the Hungarian community has reached 1.7 billion.

“If there is a state and the people who are interested in strong Ukraine, it is Hungary and the Hungarian people. After all, what it is stronger, richer and suverennyi, the better it is for Hungary and the Transcarpathian Hungarians,” said Levente Magyar.

He stressed that Budapest wants Kiev to successfully overcome difficulties, cope with challenges, and that Hungary is ready to help Ukraine.

“At the same time, Hungary is only a request to Ukraine to provide for the Hungarian minorities peaceful living conditions and rights,” said Magyar.

We will remind that in September the media and social networks there was video of the ceremony-making of residents in the Transcarpathian Hungarian citizenship, which was held at the Consulate in Berehove. In the video, the Consul called Transcarpathians to hide her nationality from Ukrainian authorities.

Ukraine declared the Hungarian Consul persona non grata. From Hungary Embassy in Budapest expelled Ukrainian diplomat Dmitry Kerechanin.

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