Budget-2019: spending on the interior Ministry can grow by 19%

Бюджет-2019: расходы на МВД могут вырасти на 19%

To Finance the needs of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the draft Budget-2019 laid 71.6 billion UAH.

The draft state budget for 2019, which the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Verkhovna Rada on the financing of the Ministry of internal Affairs provided in the amount of UAH 71.6 billion, 19% more than in the current year (60.1 billion UAH). This is stated in Annex No. 3 to the draft law No. 9000, published on the Parliament website.

In this case the Prosecutor General, as follows from the document, provided approximately the same amount as in 2018 – 7.2 billion UAH.

Recall, the Cabinet of Ministers proposes in the state budget for 2019 to significantly reduce costs to public authorities.

Earlier, the Cabinet named the main indicators of the budget-2019. In particular, next year as the government expects Ukraine’s economy will grow by 3%, while inflation will not exceed 8%.

Note, the state budget for 2019 is built on the dollar 29.4 USD. The project was approved by the Cabinet on 14 September, and this week will be presented in Parliament.

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