Budgeten and Haberman. As creative power

Бюджетмен и Хабармен. Как креативит власть


The Ministry of Finance has came up with a superhero for advertising budget.

The budget process is coming to an end already next week the Verkhovna Rada will vote for the draft budget for next year.

Yet, the Ministry of Finance tries to advertise the budget, speaking about the advantages and improvements that it should bring.

For this the Department has even developed a comic book and special tests.

Correspondent.net has gathered information on creativity of the Ministry of Finance.

A new superhero

“Look, reshaly and populists, in the city of new superhero – Budgeten! He came to put an end to the crisis, pave the way for the reforms and to draw your attention to the main document of the country”, – stated in the message of the Ministry of Finance on the launch of the advertising campaign budget.

As stated in the article, superhero possesses superhuman abilities such as supergranules, super strength, super speed, vision and change of reality.

These forces, according to the plans of the authors, will help him “boost the economy”, “plan a budget for three years forward” and “to promote economic reforms.”

Special test

Also in the Ministry of Finance have developed a special test about the budget.

Answering the questions, you can learn who you are from the heroes of the cartoon about Winnie-the-Pooh.

Бюджетмен и Хабармен. Как креативит власть


However, all the correct answers of the test lies in the populist slogans of the authorities that heaped praise on the draft budget, calling it the most progressive, balanced and help people.

Other examples

The authorities once again turn to the topic of comic books to promote their solutions.

So activists advocating for the implementation of the public procurement system ProZorro came up negative hero Haberman.

They called corrupt officials who oppose fair systems of public procurement.

Бюджетмен и Хабармен. Как креативит власть


The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine has called on Ukrainians not to use the services of people who promised to help them with a visa to the United States or obtaining a Greencard with the help of a hero Fox of Myciti.

“New campaign to combat fraud involving Lisa Mikita can keep you out of trouble. The adventures of Nikiti you can follow us on Twitter, using the hashtag #StopDVFraud. If You think that you are a victim of identity theft, we recommend you to report this to law enforcement or to write on e-mail address”, – stated in the message of the Embassy.

Бюджетмен и Хабармен. Как креативит власть


Also in Ukraine the criminal code published in the comics.

What happens to the budget

The draft budget Parliament may consider on December 22.

Under the proposed project, the revenues to the state budget in 2017 is provided in the amount 712,5 billion hryvnias, and expenses – 790 billion. The deficit of 77.5 billion UAH – 3% of GDP.

In addition, the Cabinet hopes to increase revenues by 16.9% from $ 749 to 876,9 billion hryvnia without increasing tax rates.

It is planned to increase the minimum wage from 1600 to 1762 hryvnia on December 1, 2017. Costs on the sector of security and defense will increase to 129 billion hryvnia, compared with 114 billion in 2016.

It is also expected to increase funding for student scholarships at 576 million to 5,816 billion and increase funding for culture at UAH 1 billion, 500 million will be used to support national cinema.