Budivelnik’s first lead in the final series the super League

Будивельник впервые повел в финальной серии Суперлиге

Budivelnyk defeated Khimik

The Kyiv team defeated Khimik in the South.

Kiev Budivelnik won the yuzhnensky Chemist third game of the final series and for the first time came forward.

The start of the match was left for Kiev, who completely outplayed the opponent in attack. With 26 team points exactly half scored Stephens, who converted 5 of 5 shots from the game, 3 of which were far. Chemist in addition to individual actions of Smith in the opening match of anything the opponent could not offer, receiving “-11” before the first break.

During the second quarter of yuzhnenets tried to catch up with the residents and something like a mini-breakthrough was able to register only at the end of the quarter, but on a big break the team went with the same 11 points behind Budivelnik.

In the third quarter of Chemist gave a powerful jerk, which the owners have completed with a score of 21:9 in their favor. Budivelnik only at the end of the quarter managed to top up the piggy Bank points, and the Chemist not only caught up, but ahead of Kiev.

After a perfect third quarter to bring the case before the end of the yuzhnenets failed. Chemist failed in attack and missed almost all shots from the game. Budivelnik in this game was quite a small burst of activity from the fields and another successful cut from Stevens, who issued a series of interceptions and turned them into scores.

Thus, Budivelnik won the first away match and took the lead in the series. Next match rivals will hold on may 6 in the South.

Khimik – Budivelnyk– 67:74 (15:26, 23:23, 21:9, 8:16)

Chemist: Smith, Jamie Smith (26 + 5 rebounds – 8 losses), Konev (13 + 6 rebounds), Pavlov (5 rebounds), Petrov (5 + 11 rebounds) – start; John. Love (9), Belikov (2), Antipov (4), Ryabchuk (8)

Budivelnik: Dugat (9 + 3 steals), Otverchenko (8), Kratos, Stephens (25 + 6 rebounds), M. Anisimov (11 + 3 steals) – start; Gorbenko, Zavadsky (5 + 5 rebounds), fields (13), thrushes (3)

The account in a series: 1:2

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