Burns in Chernobyl Red forest

В Чернобыле горит Рыжий лес

At Chernobyl, a burning forest

The fire started in the area of Torch and Red forest. Media reported that the fire covered ten hectares.

In Chernobyl Kiev region burns Red forest. On Tuesday, June 5, on his page on the social network Facebook announced community organizer Chernobyl first hand.

The fire started on the morning of 5 June in the area of Torch and Red forest.

“In Chernobyl persistent smell of burning and smoke. Strangely, when I check the service GO and the sirens and the message goes. And then, as usual, silent. But it was possible in order to avoid assumptions on the radio network of Chernobyl, to give information… to calm people down. I already call and ask when the evacuation of workers,” wrote the organizer.

According to media reports, the fire engulfed 10 acres of woodland.



Recall that a forest fire near the village of radens’k Kherson region was extinguished almost a week.


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