Burns in Mariupol iron & steel works, SSES – deny

В Мариуполе горит Азовсталь, в ГСЧС - опровергают

The fire in Mariupol

Local residents reported that the plant was a large-scale fire.

In the area of metallurgical plant Azovstal large-scale fire, the business seen a huge column of fire and smoke, the newspaper reports 0629.com.ua with slyly on local residents.

“Seen from the side, something burning between the open-hearth furnace shop and domain. Maybe it is burning the transformer,” said the Mariupol.

The fire is accompanied by thunder and occasional flashes.

However, the Deputy chief of Department on work with mass media and the public gschs of Ukraine in Donetsk region Victor Seromas in comments to the Ukrainian truth denied information about the fire at the steel plant.

“As at 20:00 there is no fire, is a technological process,” he said.

Recall that in the Obolon district of Kyiv on the move ignited Opel Astra.