Bursak twice sent to knockdown Lemieux, but lost him the fight

Бурсак дважды отправил в нокдаун Лемье, но проиграл ему бой

Max Bursak was close to a sensational victory over the eminent canadian.

Ukrainian boxer Max Bursak failed to win over canadian David Lemieux in a fight in Montreal.

Bursak started the fight and already in the first round put Lemieux on the canvas, but the strength to kill the opponent at max is not enough.

Lemieux not only survived, but also began little by little to take control of the match. Bursak has been snapped in one of those counterattacks in the fifth round sent the loonie down.

Bursak again spent a lot of effort in the round, and in the sixth round, the Ukrainian has been on the floor. The seventh round Bursak took the initiative and snatched the round with a series of hooks. But the ending of the battle was in favor of Lemieux.

The verdict: 94:93 Bursak and twice with the same score in favor of Lemieux.

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