Business protected? Who came for New mail

 Бизнес под защитой? Кто пришел за Новой почтой

The attorney General’s office first said that the largest Russian postal operator evaded paying taxes in especially large sizes, and then it turned out that forward besanceney alcohol.

Searches in the offices of the company “New mail” stirred up the Ukrainian social network.

The day before the government officially announced that no more “masks-show” against the business in Ukraine is not, and immediately came to one of the most successful domestic companies.

Searches in the “New mail” not really tally with the statements about the protection of the business and contribute to its development, which was declared by the authorities. understand, what’s the matter?

Searches and charges

Representatives of the General Prosecutor’s office conducted searches in the offices of the New Mail in Kiev, the Dnieper, Poltava and Kharkiv.

Press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko Larisa Sargan reported that in criminal proceedings the main investigation Department of the GPU is about 15 searches the warehouse and office premises of LLC “Nova poshta”.

According to her, all investigations occur without the involvement of the special forces, in the framework of the law.

The attorney General’s office stated that officials of the group of related companies of the “New Mail” used the criminal scheme that resulted in tax evasion in especially large sizes.

In fact, we are talking about the konvertatsionny center “used the criminal scheme directed on rendering of translation services into cash of non-cash assets and minimize the tax liabilities of client companies through the formation of fictitious tax credit by carrying out the bestovarnykh of operations with the use of counterfeit documents of the enterprises with signs of fictitiousness, which led to tax evasion in especially large sizes”.

Yury Lutsenko took under personal control investigation of criminal proceedings on the facts of abuse of official position of officials of the “New mail”.

Big noise

Searches in the “New mail” – became a subject №1 in Ukraine last weekend. According to the company, the “New mail” pays about 2,3 billion hryvnias of taxes per year.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said he would deal with the situation with searches in the companies, in particular in the “New mail”.

“Last week we had a number of searches in the companies. I will protect legitimate business and we need to understand what’s going on. To the security forces had not used powers. Therefore, I instruct the Ministry of justice in cooperation with the business Ombudsman office and government investments to perform this. To communicate with the power structures and business representatives to make preliminary conclusions,” he wrote.

“And then all the issues should be discussed at one of the first meetings of the Commission constituted to implement the law #Musichouse”, – said Groisman.

GPU change your mind

In the end, Yuri Lutsenko personally met with the co-founder of the “New mail” Vyacheslav Klimov, and discussed the recent searches in the premises of the company.

“A representative of the operator of Express delivery in Ukraine confirmed that the authorized searches which were conducted by representatives of the Prosecutor General at the enterprises of the “New mail” in several cities of the country were correct,” – said Lutsenko.

He stressed that the searches were not accompanied by armed forces, seizure of equipment and had no intention of raiding.

Lutsenko added that Klimova acquainted “with numerous violations that were identified in the work of the “Nova poshta”.

“In particular, this concerned the shipment of large volumes bisecting alcoholic products and narcotic substances”, – explained the Prosecutor General.

In addition, he reported that the investigation received operational information of the Ministry of interior about the alleged tax evasion during money transfers.

“We not only found a common language, but also developed a joint plan of actions”, – assured Lutsenko.

What was it?

Investment banker Sergey Fursa recognizes that the Ukrainian business is not a Saint, no one likes to pay taxes, but in dealing with a “New mail” the public sided with the company because distrust of law enforcement.

“Even if New Mail was evil Corporation, their employees would drink the blood of infants were served by international terrorism and personally packaged “beginner” before sending it to London, still the society would be on their side. Because on the one hand the company created from scratch, never received a penny of subsidies and maximally distant from the state cash flows, and on the other hand, the Prosecutor’s office, which would have the chance to get public support only if they came to Firtash, Akhmetov or Kolomoisky. But they come only to drink tea in Amsterdam, unfortunately,” says Fursa.

There is an opinion that searches in the “New mail” can be associated with the machinations of rivals, in particular, the state company “Ukrposhta”.

“New mail” takes a large share of the market from the state company “Ukrposhta”.

According to the Ukrainian Association of direct marketing (UDMA), at the end of 2016, the proportion of “Ukrposhta” and “Nova poshta” in the market of domestic mail amounted to about 52% and 34%, respectively (another 4.4% in “mist Express”, 2,4% – “In time”, 0,6% – the “Delivery”). In recent years, the proportion of “Ukrposhta” falls, and “New mail” – is growing. Official data for 2017 yet, but experts say that the share of the major postal operators are almost equal.

Also traditionally, when the attacks on business, there were versions that it wants to “overcome” or get a bribe.