Business returned almost 61 billion of VAT

Бизнесу вернули почти 61 млрд НДС

The Treasury offset 60,7 billion UAH of the VAT

From 1 April the registry received 20 957 statements totaling 74.8 billion UAH.

During the functioning of the new VAT refund procedure the Treasury offset 60,7 billion. It is reported by the Ministry of Finance.

Since April 1, the registry has received 20 957 statements totaling 74.8 billion UAH.

Amounts which refused to budget the refund and/or they are in the appeal – 705,2 million UAH, a notice of refusal to accept a tax Declaration or clarification of the calculation of the amount to 14 billion UAH.

Already reimbursed 47.1 billion UAH, and the remainder is 11 billion.

It is also noted that in October, the registry has already received seven applications for a total amount of UAH 1.4 million, and the reimbursement had not yet been performed.

We will remind, earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced the creation of a unified automated registry-recovery of value added tax.