Business with China: where to find new market

Бизнес с Китаем: где найти новинки рынка

Well-known businessman, the owner of the company SONMAX and the author of the course “Business with China. All inclusive” Cyril Caftaric talks about the market trends-2019, the world’s largest Canton fair and trade prospects with China.

Cyril, you have recently returned from the Canton exhibition in Guangzhou. Tell us how it all happened?

Canton fair — a kind of Las Vegas for the entrepreneur. There’s a lot of opportunities that can turn you into a millionaire. Enough to bet on a sale and start selling it in their country.

In search of new products here are many businessmen from all over the world. Many Americans and Europeans come for the clothes. Spy models agree on the application of their logos. Do even members of the world famous brands! The Indians have been active participants in phase with medication. Interested in medical equipment, packaging, pharmaceuticals.

For whom the Canton fair?

Noticed three types of people. First select the source for business “flipping” sellers as offline directory. Other directly looking for a wholesale supplier with good price for the existing business. The third type of hunting for novelty, a kind of shark with a highly developed intuition.

This year, the business tour with the company SONMAX went both beginners and experienced guys. But all, without exception, were shocked by the prices and possibilities offered by business with China. Margin some goods just rolls!

Why should you go?

Be the first to discover new products, to negotiate discounts and supplies. You can sit down and talk to the manufacturer directly, often even the owners themselves. They are in touch, always happy to upgrade their products for the needs of market your country. Another plus — really feel the item live.

What is important when visiting the Canton fair?

The right navigation! The pavilion is the second largest in the world — 130 000 square meters, there are hundreds of suppliers and proposals. Unaccompanied is not enough, otherwise, you will look for “their” product to the point of unconsciousness. I’m with the team I drive there SONMAX group first year: consult with niche selection, to beat the best conditions for the purchase, acquaint with the true China.

What trending items 2019 will the market?

Canton fair — fire trends. This year the Chinese are modernizing and adding environmental friendliness to its products. All the secrets I certainly will not disclose. I will say this: for myself, I noted baseball caps with designer backpacks with solar panels, quadcopter, controlled by hand gestures, separate gyrobot.

A separate issue is the food. I think it is not fully mastered by entrepreneurs. On the 3rd phase of the exhibition presents a complete production cycle: from raw materials to product packaging.

Imagine the seeds with a taste of caramel. Or lemon. But not spices betray a distinctive flavor. They are grown with special fertilizers. In General, China is a Paradise for manufacturers of snacks.

Sounds like the idea for the development of your company SONMAX.

Everything can be! We are already engaged in the export of food and wine to China. In addition to tours, exhibitions and markets learning platforms “Business with China. All inclusive” we have an office and own warehouse in China cargo company.

In addition, SONMAX actively developing economic processes with China. Now in full swing construction of the business school in XI’an, which deals with my partner Dmitry Piatrul.

What are the forecasts for e-commerce from Cyril Chattaniki?

The market will move actively in the direction of the franchise — they are easy to pack and measure. Many companies thus scale your business.

As Chinese e-commerce, it will continue to move at rapid pace. Sale now on 800 billion a year! The Chinese market as a high-tech shopping Mall among the stalls. So there is a gap in development. Therefore, building a business with China — “masthev” for the modern online entrepreneur.