Business with China. Why is better to start right now

Бизнес с Китаем. Почему начать лучше всего именно сейчас

Entrepreneur, founder DreamerAcademy, an expert in the field of doing business with China Dmitry Kovpak spoke about the key principles of entrepreneurship in China and the current situation in this market.

Dmitry, when do you plan to start business with China, something that you need to navigate to find any new products that are unknown on our market, or for delivery of more traditional products?

You know, in 2013 at the exhibition in China the first time I saw electro-scooter and thought it may be popular in Ukraine the product, he can shoot. Only two years later, such goods began to be imported to our market. Entrepreneurs were afraid to be the first, was afraid to try, afraid to seriously invest in this product. Now this is not new, and all come in this segment.

The problem of new products that earns them only the first. Then, when other owners start also to trade the same product, they start to reduce price, create competition and earnings is not the same.

Although, the development of electric transport in Ukraine is a very promising field. Scooters, bicycles on the motor in the same Kiev with constant traffic jams, can be very popular and in demand.

You need to create, to move the trend to popularize such vehicles, then it will be possible to earn some money. The novelty, which benefits will be much more successful and will generate more income than a novelty that just satisfies some kind of human emotion.

From your experience, what areas would you recommend to pay attention when you start your business?

The most profitable business of bulk commodities, such products that buy always.

For example, buying jeans, and one who well understands the target audience, offers the best solution for our population, this can consistently earn. It’s called the intelligent approach to business. Jeans in China are $ 5. In Kiev a good pair of jeans cost $ 50, but they cost $ 5 and people buy them every day.

The most interesting is the business that every day gives birth to a new buyer. For example, it is manufacturing various baby products. It is an eternal theme, which will always be, parents will always spend money on kids. This theme allows each day to the client.

If you compare themes news and themes of products that each day demanded in the market, it is natural that the more stable business of bulk commodities. This allows you to not be afraid that tomorrow there will be one more competitor which will greatly affect the market. You can build trust the buyer to do a quality service, people will get used to you.

Trade novelties doom you to a daily search for new innovations. Tomorrow in this topic, come all, “Sundry”, and you have to start over. This is a very important point.

On the other hand, there are stable businesses – people like buying on the plate, and continue to buy, how to buy a baby stroller, and continue to buy them.

Better well, thoroughly understand the product, than constantly chasing new products.

And could it be an interesting trade with China, people who have already launched a business in Ukraine, with domestic suppliers?

Yes, of course. For example, we began to sell the product, found the wholesale suppliers in the country, then saw the problem of insufficient margin.

When we have seen the buyer and needs we can shift to direct procurement in China. Today it’s much easier than it was 10 years ago. Today, a huge number of Russian-speaking children living in China that can help to solve the issue associated with the procurement of goods, checking goods and so on. It is available to everyone today. Everyone can start from scratch, you need to do just a little bit more than the rest.

In order to stand out in the market need to offer the best service, the best solutions and to work more.

Бизнес с Китаем. Почему начать лучше всего именно сейчас


How will affect the prospects for Ukrainian entrepreneurs, the current economic crisis in China and the fall of the national currency, the yuan?

Today I would advise ka times to intensify the procurement of goods in China.

See, a year ago, one dollar was worth about 6.2 RMB. Six months ago, one dollar was worth 6.3 yuan. Two weeks ago I was in China the rate was at the level of 6.48. But a year ago, a normal music Bluetoothколонка cost 45 yuan and today it costs 45 yuan. Price in RMB has not changed, but the price in dollars has fallen, and so with all the goods.

I have information that in the future the rate could fall to 7.5 – 8 yuan per dollar. So now Chinese goods become more attractive and cheaper.

You can earn even in small parties of cheap commodities. Plus in the domestic market now we can also reduce the price of goods imported from China, or you can keep the old price and earn more if your customer is and so ready to buy a product which you previously sold.

But whether the price hike of prices in yuan due to the devaluation of the currency?

The situation with the yuan is aiming to make Chinese goods even more sold around the world. And those who understand this idea, they will earn this year and next and so on. Selling Chinese goods in the future will produce even greater profitability.

In the coming year, product prices in China will only decline, and we can use it. So I call everybody in China.

By the way, 4-5 June we hold in Kiev a large-scale event – the annual conference on business with China. It will be presented the products of entrepreneurs, who have long and successfully do business with China, it will be possible to get new business ideas, meet potential business partners. Also we will tell about the secrets of sourcing and logistics in China, and the legal nuances of doing business in this country. Will be useful information for experienced entrepreneurs who want to scale up your profits several times already this year. All are invited!