Butusov: the government has no political will to start the trial for Ilovaisk tragedy

Бутусов: У власти нет политической воли для начала судебного процесса по Иловайской трагедии

The current government lacks the political will to fully investigate the circumstances of the tragedy under Ilovaisk and the trial to proceed. Such opinion on air of “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the journalist Yury Butusov.

“There is a delay because the government does not want court for Ilovaisky tragedy and is a personal responsibility of Petro Poroshenko, who wants to hide from the responsibility of the originator of the tragedy of Viktor Muzhenko, the current chief of General staff, commander in chief of the Armed Forces,” – said Butusov.

According to him, documents of investigations of the tragedy indicate the fault Muzhenko, as well as General Viktor Nazarov.

“Differences in reports of no… All reports came to the same results, with some differences, but, in fact, the responsibility for Ilovaisky tragedy – ed.) Muzhenko and his staff. And if would be an open trial on the basis of examinations, Muzhenko and his chief of staff – General Viktor Nazarov, should sit in jail” – said the journalist.

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“Government promises are worth nothing… Now people are pissed that their has more than a year cheat, do not start the trial…Today to open a case, nothing prevents, not only the political will of the President and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko”, – he said.

Recall, August 18, 2014 Ukrainian troops captured most of Ilovaysk. But after the introduction of regular Russian troops on 23-24 August, they were surrounded. 29 August, Russian President Vladimir Putin appealed to the militants with a call to make a humanitarian corridor for withdrawal of Ukrainian troops. August 30 the ATO forces began exiting the city, but the gunmen shot them. The Ministry of defence said that in Ilovaisk killed about 108 of the Ukrainian military, hundreds were wounded and captured. According to confirmed military Prosecutor’s office, in “Ilovaisky boiler” killed 366 military, 429 were wounded.

The General staff reported that the output of the Antiterrorist operation from the “Ilovaisky boiler” was a break out of the encirclement, it was a way out under guarantees of the Russian Federation (RF).

SBU reported about suspicion to the chief of the General staff Valery Gerasimov and ten military personnel for the events in Ilovaisk. Gerasimov also called the chief ideologist of the invasion of Russia to Ukraine.

Note that Russia denies the presence of its troops in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.