By law, Vyshinsky was unable to leave the Ukrainian citizenship – GMS

По закону Вышинский не может сейчас выйти из украинского гражданства - ГМС

Vyshinsky can’t just walk out of the Ukrainian citizenship

The law of Ukraine expressly prohibits renunciation of citizenship a person who has been declared suspicious.

Statements Kirill Vyshinsky enough to get out of the Ukrainian citizenship. On Friday, may 1 at comments 112 Ukraine said the press-Secretary of the State migration service Sergei Gunko.

“Any statements of any person are not enough in order to have any legal consequences,” – said Gunko.

The procedure of renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship, according Gunko, is intended only for citizens of Ukraine who permanently reside on the territory of a foreign state, therefore, the appeal, accordingly, should be in the foreign diplomatic institution.

“I don’t know if he permanently resides in the territory of a foreign state. It is obvious that he is in a foreign diplomatic establishment, Embassy of Ukraine in foreign state is unlikely to appeal, given all this information,” – said Gunko.

In addition, he recalled that article 18 of the law on citizenship of Ukraine expressly points out that the renunciation of citizenship is not allowed if the person notified of the suspected or there is a judgment that is enforceable.

“And finally, the third point is article 2 of the law of Ukraine on citizenship indicates that if a Ukrainian citizen is also a citizen of a foreign state, in legal relations with Ukraine he is recognized only by the citizen of Ukraine. That is, the presence of any other citizenships does not face any preferences or any special conditions in relation to liability before the law”, – said the representative of GMS.

Earlier it was reported that the chief editor of RIA Novosti news Agency-Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky no longer considers himself a citizen of Ukraine.

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