By using TruCam for the month netted five thousand violations

С помощью TruCam за месяц оформили пять тысяч нарушений

Alex Beloshitskiy told about the result of months of work devices TruCam

At the moment across Ukraine operates 25-26 TruCam devices. However, their number will increase.

A month of the cameras TruCam police identified more than five thousand violators. This was stated by first Deputy head of patrol police Department Alex Beloshitskiy said on Wednesday, November 7,

He noted that currently in Ukraine there are 25-26 TruCam devices. In the near future these devices will be more.

The patrol police began to control the speed of the car about a month ago, with the first week worked in a pilot mode.

Beloshitskiy told that the place for video recording, there is one crew, as a rule, it’s two policemen. The vehicle should be included flashing beacon blue. Before that is a warning sign that conducted photo – and video fixing violations.

“Our goal is not to “fill” more regulations, and prevention of these disorders. In General, it would be possible to do much more, but we do it as openly as possible to reduce speed and prevent traffic accidents with large consequences,” said Beloshitskiy.

Radar TruCam is back on the road. What you need to know

Recall that in early October on Ukrainian roads began to set the American speed meters.


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