Called a serious risk of vegetarianism

Названа серьезная опасность вегетарианства

Vegetarianism parents is dangerous for the intelligence of the offspring

Researchers have found a link between eating meat and level of intelligence. Harm can parents resorted to vegetarianism, to their offspring.

Vegetarianism can be very dangerous for brain development and intelligence. About it in his column according to British nutritionist Emma Derbyshire in the BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health.

In the opinion of the specialist vegetarian and vegan parents can have a negative effect on intellectual abilities of their children.

Derbyshire argues that the rejection of meat and other foods of animal origin leads to a lack of choline. This substance is necessary for the development and proper formation of the structure of the brain and spinal cord.

More of this substance found in meat, eggs and milk and much less beans and nuts.

Lack of choline during pregnancy increases the risk of damage to the Central nervous system.

Previously, scientists learned that white meat is as harmful as red. It was also reported that
humanity for survival has to give up meat.

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