Called “public servants” who miss the most votes

Названы "слуги народа", пропустившие больше всего голосований

CVU summed up the first month of work Happy

Several MPs took part only in one third of the votes. Among all the fractions most missed votes opsi.

The Committee of voters of Ukraine has called deputies of the party a servant of the People who missed the voting in the Verkhovna Rada. About this CVU reported on Monday, September 30, on his page in Facebook.

The report said that during September the average voted 88 per cent of the members of SN.

“Among the factions and groups of Parliament often took part in voting (pressed “for”, “against” or “abstained”) members of the Servants of the people. During September, on average, voted 88 per cent of the members of SN. However, at a fraction of the servant of the people have a number of members who are often ignored voting in the Parliament. So, 13 deputies missed the third most votes of Parliament”, – stated in the message.

Deputies Alexander Dubinsky, Dmitry Gurin, only 35% of the votes of Parliament, Edward Produc – 52%, Yury Zaslavsky – 55%, Olga Wasilewska-Smaglyuk – 60%, Oleksandr Tkachenko is 61%, Irina Vereschuk – 66% Anna Bondar – 67%, Michael radutsky 67%, Nicholas Galushko 67%, Oleg dunda – 68%, Anastasia Krasnosel is 69%, David Arakhamiya – 70% of the votes.

Officially, the deputies missed the vote without a valid reason, such as illness or business trip.

Data concerning the votes of the other factions are: the Voice – voted on average 79% of the deputies, European solidarity – 71%, Batkivshchyna – 48%, opsi – 46%. This implies that most often ignored the voting in the Parliament the deputies opsi.

Only in September was held a 373 vote of the Verkhovna Rada.

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