Called the name of the deceased near Kiev Mall

Названо имя погибшего возле киевского ТРЦ

The police said details of the crime.

Shot in the Parking lot of the Mall Kiev Prospect was Asif Mammadov, which in 2015 was wanted in Russia on suspicion of murder. This is reported by the News, citing the police of Kyiv.

Названо имя погибшего возле киевского ТРЦ

Photo: cdn.10kanal

Asif Mammadov

The victim was declared wanted by the police of the Russian city of Novokuznetsk (Kemerovo oblast) suspicion of murder.

At the crime scene when the victims discovered the driver’s license issued in one of the cities of the Altai territory of the Russian Federation. By nationality he was an Azerbaijani.

The police also said that the deceased counted about 20 bullet. At the scene seized of the cartridge caliber 5.45 mm.

After the murder, the criminals threw a Kalashnikov assault rifle and fled in a car Lanos black color. There are two killers.

We will remind, in Kiev in front of the shopping center of the metro Chernihiv, was shot by unknown man. The crime occurred on July 19 at about 23.20 in the Parking lot of the Mall Avenue.

Earlier, the Director of the Department of communications of the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko reported that the man was shot on the night of July 20 in Kiev, was a murderer from Russia.