Called the possible number of intelligent civilizations in the Universe

Названо возможное число разумных цивилизаций во Вселенной

Scientists have estimated the number of intelligent civilizations

According to scientists, the number could reach 10 billion.

American astrophysicists have estimated the possibility of advanced civilizations on habitable exoplanets. Possible number is, according to experts, 10 billion sentient worlds, Astrobiology reports.

The full study was published on the website of the University of Rochester.

Scientists have suggested that if human civilization is not unique in space, and the probability of the origin of life on the exoplanets suitable for life, equal to ten to the minus 12 degree, now in the Universe can exist about ten billion intelligent civilizations.

Scientists explained the lack of contact with aliens

Unique human civilization could be recognized in the event that if the probability of intelligent life in the Universe was equal to minus 22 degrees.

It is reported that the data the scientists ‘ conclusions are based, including, recently made discoveries of exoplanets.

At the same time, if the scientists ‘ calculations are correct, at the present time in the milky Way Earth is the only planet inhabited by intelligent civilization.

Earlier it was reported that died astronaut, who argued about the existence of aliens.