Called the time of extinction of the profession of a surgeon

Названо время исчезновения профессии хирурга

According to scientists, artificial intelligence will surpass human-to 2053.

Researchers from the Institute for the future of humanity at Oxford University, and the Department of political science at Yale University, called the approximate date of the disappearance of the profession of a surgeon, reports New Scientist.

According to experts, the demand for this profession will disappear by 2053-th year.

Much earlier, the same will relate to interpreters of languages – by 2024, the authors of the essays – by 2026, the truck drivers – by 2027.

As for sellers, the need for them will disappear by 2031, and the authors of the fictional genres – 2049.

The authors note that there is a 50% chance that artificial intelligence will replace people in all possible professions in 45 years. And deadlines that – after 120 years.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that a scientist predicted the world 50 percent unemployment by 2045.