Called unexpected danger for pregnant women

Названа неожиданная опасность для беременных

Experts found out that a pregnant woman respirable particles from the air is dangerous to the fetus.

American scientists from Rutgers University found out that the particles from the air is inhaled by a pregnant woman, threat to the cardiovascular system of the fetus. It is reported by MedicalXpress.

The researchers conducted the experiment on pregnant female rats. Scientists tested the effect of single exposure of an aerosol of titanium dioxide on the development of the circulatory system of the fetus on the first, second and third trimester. The control group of animals breathing clean filtered air.

It turned out that inhaled particles of titanium dioxide have a negative impact on the circulatory system of the fetal aorta and umbilical Vienna in the early stages, and slow the growth of the embryo in the later. Due to the solid particles is restricted blood flow to the fetus, and he does not receive the necessary substances.

Scientists urge pregnant women to avoid highly polluted urban areas, not to leave the house during the smog and not to use cosmetics containing titanium dioxide (for example, sunscreen and powder).

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