Called wages the most expensive footballer in the world

Названа зарплата самого дорого футболиста мира


Media called the salary of Neymar in the French PSG.

Salary of Brazilian striker Neymar in the French football club PSG more than three million euros a month, according to Deutsche Welle, citing data from the Football Leaks.

As noted in the article, the basic monthly salary of the forward of the national team of Brazil is 3 069 520 euros, corresponding to an annual salary of EUR 37 million or more 100 thousand euros per day.

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The newspaper also reports that the additional bonuses and special payments will increase the income of the player to 57 million euros per year (more than 150 thousand euros per day).

More than Neymar among the players gets only Cristiano Ronaldo, who along with bonuses out of 58 million euros per year.

Recall that in the summer Neymar moved to PSG from Barcelona. The contract of the 25-year-old striker was bought for a record for world football EUR 222 million.

According to the materials: