Camera InSight has successfully sat on Mars

Аппарат InSight успешно сел на Марс

NASA’s InSight Mars got on

The descent was the culmination of seven months of travel the spacecraft of NASA to the red planet.

Automatic interplanetary station NASA InSight successfully sat on Mars in the highlands area Elysium. It happened at 21:54 EET

Apparatus down to the surface at a speed of about eight kilometers per hour. Its braking from a speed of about 20 thousand kilometers per hour began at a distance of about 125 kilometers from the surface.

The entrance to the Martian atmosphere NASA called “seven minutes of terror.” Since 1960-ies was undertaken in 21 an attempt to land a spacecraft on the Red planet, but success was achieved only seven missions. However, all of them American.

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InSight by design – twin probe Phoenix, which went to Mars in 2007.

The descent was the culmination of seven months of travel the spacecraft to the red planet. The main task of the unit to hold the first really high-quality seismological observations of the planet and measure the flow of heat from the surface of Mars.

To measure temperature, InSight will need to drill the deepest in the history of planet well – with a depth of five meters. Thus the data will not be affected by temperature fluctuations on the surface.

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