Canada will impose retaliatory duties against the United States from July 1,

Канада введет ответные пошлины против США с 1 июля

Measures will be in effect as long as the United States will not cancel import duties on steel and aluminium (25% and 10% respectively) from Canada.

From 1 July, the government of Canada impose a duty on 16.6 million canadian dollars (12.6 billion dollars) on American goods. About it reported in a press release published on the website of the canadian government.

“Today the government of Canada announced that as a direct, proportional and proportional response to the US tariff on canadian steel and aluminum retaliatory import duties plus the amount of 16.6 billion dollars on steel, aluminum and other products from the USA come into force on 1 July”, – is spoken in the message.

Trump has urged countries to abandon duties

Recall that in March the US authorities imposed import duties on steel and aluminum in the amount of 25% and 10% respectively. Prior to July 1, a number of countries, including the EU countries, as well as the free trade agreement with the United States, Mexico and Canada, have been postponed until June 1, but since the beginning of the summer duties was extended to them. In response, these countries have declared their intention to impose counter duties against goods from the United States.

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