Canada would not want the UK out of the EU – Trudeau

В Канаде не хотели бы выхода Великобритании из ЕС, – Трюдо

In Canada, not wish the UK to leave the European Union. This was announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, reports Reuters.

“A greater unity is the path to greater prosperity. We have a good relationship with a strong and United Europe, and, of course, hope it will continue,” said Trudeau.

According to the canadian Prime Minister, “Britain always will have a significant impact.”

“I think we are always better when we work as close as possible together, and separatism or a division does not seem productive for countries,” the official said.

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We will remind, the British government officially approved date of referendum on UK membership in the European Union. The referendum will be held, as expected, this summer – June 23.

Earlier, Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron has declared that has made the UK a special status in the European Union.

As reported by Reuters, the UK has made from the EU consent to one of their main requirements. Cameron insisted on the suspension of payment of benefits to migrant workers from other EU countries in case of non-payment of their social security contributions for four years. In the end, Brussels agreed to this requirement with the clarification that the period of non-payment increased to seven years.

In addition, Britain obtained the right to interpret the political decisions of the EU, proved their unwillingness to be part of a single European political system and achieved independence for their financial institutions. The latter requirement was put forward in order to join the Euro and keep the pound sterling as the national currency. According to Cameron, these concessions enough to the referendum the citizens voted for maintaining the UK’s place in the EU. According to him, the agreement was legally binding.

The agreement in Brussels was reached amid growing dissatisfaction with British membership in the EU. The latest survey showed that 36% of the population of the United Kingdom in favour of secession from the Union, while 34% hold the opposite point of view.

UK during the EU membership refused to join the Euro zone, the Schengen area. While in London all the time stressed the reluctance of countries to actively participate in the construction of a single European state, relying on economic cooperation.

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