Cancelled arrest million dollars in the Bank of Yanukovych’s son

Отменен арест миллионов долларов в банке сына Януковича

Alexander and Victor Yanukovych

In 2015, total arrests 2.75 billion hryvnias in Ukrainian development Bank.

The court overturned the arrest of a total of $ 15 million three individuals on account of the all-Ukrainian development Bank owned by son of ex-President Alexander Yanukovych. The corresponding decision was made the judge of Pechersky court of Kiev Vitali pisanets, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

The same court arrested the above funds in 2015, on the fact of illegal lending regional Railways by the Bank. Then under arrest were the account of the son of the former President, the four companies and 32 individuals, among whom were employees of the Bank. Total arrests 2.75 billion hryvnia.

On 19 December the court started to remove arrests from individuals. the Arrest was filmed for a total amount of $ 15.4 million from the accounts of three individuals. The court rulings indicate that they are not subject to appeal.

Note, after the escape of Yanukovych’s Ukrainian Bank of development is in a state of liquidation.

Earlier in the Prosecutor’s office said that the refund Yanukovych will take years.