Cancer is not a death sentence. Leading oncologists told about modern methods of treatment

Рак – не приговор. Ведущие онкологи рассказали о современных методах лечения

Worldwide each year about 8.5 million people die from cancer. In Ukraine, about their with cancer every year learn more than 160 thousand people. Oncological diseases are one of the leading causes of death in the world. However, doctors assure that thanks to modern technology, cancer is not a sentence.

About innovative approaches, new technologies and the situation in Ukraine in an exclusive interview told a leading specialist international network of clinics Acibadem Hilmi EGE and oncologist, head of the Ukrainian Oncology clinic “Innovation” Pavel Grinevich.

Turkish oncologist Hilmi EGE visited Kiev in cooperation with Ukrainian clinic. Specialty doctor – Oncology, Oncohematology, work experience – 24 years. He shared his knowledge about the world achievements in the field of diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases, and also told why you should not fear cancer.

The main innovation in cancer treatment

What are the most common cancer treatment methods already exist, and what innovative approaches are now in the world?

Hilmi EGE: Traditional methods of cancer treatment are surgery, chemotherapy and medication. Modern clinic is widespread use of radiotherapy (radiation therapy), which is aimed at the source of cancer cells and allows you to destroy them completely. Innovative treatment in radiotherapy is to use the latest computers in the machine control beam. There are two varieties – a technology IMRT (allows you to accurately adjust the intensity of the dose) and VMAT (high precision radiotherapy).

The most advanced development to combat cancer is immunotherapy. This technique aims to stimulate the human immune system that the body recognize cancer cells and attack them independently. This treatment of the future and in five years in the field of Oncology is coming a very big change. In addition to immunotherapy targeted therapy is applied. This innovation is that for the patient selected individual drugs that specifically affect a particular type of cancer, inhibit the growth of harmful cells and ensure their quick destruction.

Will these techniques in the near future to transfer the cancer from the category of deadly chronic diseases?

Je: Indeed, it is believed that 25-30 years Oncology will be transferred to the category of chronic diseases. Cancer is no longer a sentence. Thanks to targeted therapy and immunotherapy in Oncology will be put on a par with diabetes. But we need to patience because clinical trials in some areas has just begun. For example, immunotherapy – this is a revolution. It gives the first positive results in the treatment of melanoma, lung cancer. If you look at world statistics on the incidence of cancer, it is already possible to see that the rating of survival increases.

Рак – не приговор. Ведущие онкологи рассказали о современных методах лечения



P. G.: In the Soviet times, the main oncologist was a surgeon who was “locked” on the operation. In modern Oncology surgery has long been not the main method of treatment. The surgeon is only a stage, and the main specialist is a clinical oncologist, i.e. a therapeutic specialty of the doctor.

Cancer was the sentence in our country, when the patients just operated on and not treated. When there was no modern targeted therapy, immunotherapy development of modern radiotherapy linear accelerators, when treated according to modern protocols were not followed or broken for various reasons. Previously operated on lymphoma of the stomach, and now she’s being treated with medication. And if time find the disease, it is usually 100% cure.

What are the advantages of new methods over more traditional approaches?

Je: Thanks to ultra-precise radiotherapy the healthy tissue is safe. In targeted therapy the treatment is directed only to the diseased cells. In this regard, there are not many side effects that have been observed in the treatment of cancer patients before. For example, do not drop hair. Also at this time came up with medications that completely take away the feeling of nausea.

I recently treated of lymphoma a well-known Turkish singer. He remained in the hospital, wasn’t even home. The musician continued to give concerts and soon successfully completed treatment with the new drugs. Despite therapy, he continued to live a normal life.

P. G.: Traditional chemotherapy is a synthetic drugs, which circulate throughout the body and also effective effect on tumor cells, as a side effect, exert their destructive effect on healthy cells and tissues, which is manifested as nausea, dizziness, mucosal injury, etc. Targeted therapy is a biologically active substances that find tumor cells and act on it without affecting the rest of the body. Targeted therapy works as a sniper, which hits right on target.

The leading trends in modern cancer treatment:

  • Immunotherapy

This modern method of treatment involves stimulating the immune system so that she independently began to fight with cancer cells.

  • Targeted therapy

The newest technology based on the principles of targeting fundamental molecular mechanisms, has minimal side effects.

  • Radiotherapy

A method of treatment of malignant tumors by irradiation innovative equipment. Used radiation designed to stop the growth of cancer cells or destroy them.

The Ukrainian experience in the treatment of cancer

Widely practiced these global approaches in cancer treatment?

P. G.: In our country they also have. But the use of all three methods depends on whether all the technology and medicine in specific medical center if doctors needed competencies. In Ukraine of these drugs the state purchases, but it is a very small number compared to the volume of patient who need them. In Turkey these technologies is available, as there are running medical insurance.

For example, in Germany according to statistics, the survival rates of patients with breast cancer (General population of patients from the first to the fourth stage) treated according to international standards is approximately 84-86 % over five years. In Ukraine this figure for 2013 was 55-56%.

It is because of the lack of technology and the necessary preparations of Ukrainian patients are often referred for treatment abroad?

P. G.: Yes. In Ukraine very few clinics have the necessary equipment for the treatment of various serious diseases. For example, we can do a laparoscopy prostate, but it can be better and more efficient to do it with a robot-surgeon Da Vinci. This technology in Ukraine. Then the patient is given a choice: either you are doing here, or, for example, in Turkey.

Our clinic does not operate on a brain tumor and do a bone marrow transplant. In such patients, we recommend the partnership program operations be done immediately in the clinic, aesthetic medicine. Because there is a very high level of modern technical equipment. In Ukraine there are several governmental centers, bone marrow transplant, but their capacity is so small that they can’t afford to run this service in full for a large number of people. For example, wanting 200 people, with a capacity of 50 people per year.

Je: the Specialists in our hospitals have already begun to do a mini-bone marrow transplantation. When it gets a certain cell, is grown and then returns the patient back. Before transplantation, healthy stem cells (donor or own) the patient undergoes high-dose chemotherapy. It resets the immune system, destroying the tumor cells. In such transactions it is very important it to be extra sterile. In the laboratories of technologically correctly selected stem cells, raised, saved them and then implemented.

Рак – не приговор. Ведущие онкологи рассказали о современных методах лечения



Turkey is the leader of medical tourism

Not many people know that Turkey is very advanced medicine. What are the main advantages of Turkish clinics?

Je: This is my first visit to Ukraine and I, in fact, pleasantly surprised. I don’t think that the situation in your country in the treatment of cancer is deplorable. Maybe before the gap was big, but now you also have a good private clinics. I have seen concrete examples, familiar with your experts…

P. G.: But in comparison with Ukraine, Turkey made a huge leap in technology. Clinic Acibadem win in front of the others (even the German and Israeli) that they represented the latest technology and equipment. What appeared yesterday on the global medical market, today there are already in Turkey. It is the policy of Acibadem, which I saw with my own eyes. It is also very important that there is observed an integrated approach. That is, in each centre there is a whole range of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. This is a giant dimensions in space and technology. Patients do not need to go beyond the clinic to conduct the treatment from beginning to end.

Je: unfortunately, there are times when we have patients with incorrectly installed at home diagnosis. In Turkey they do a more accurate test at the molecular-genetic level and offer advanced treatment.

P. G.: Ukraine advanced diagnostic procedures not offered in many clinics. And if you come across patients with an incorrect diagnosis, mostly from the regions, as in large cities (especially in Kiev) histological analyses carried out more accurately and quickly.

But even if you have the same standards of diagnosis and treatment of patients there is a difference in the result. There should be necessary equipment correct interpretation of the diagnosis, quality drugs. Only when the aggregate of all steps at all stages of the patients in our countries will get the same results. As for aesthetic medicine – a clinic of a high European level. Comfort and service are their main ideological approach.

Cancer prevention and timely diagnosis

Is there a way to prevent cancer? What are the recommendations for the prevention of cancer?

PG: the biggest problem in cancer is when the tumor develops quickly and the patient feels it at 3, 4 stage. It to not skip, you need time to undergo screenings or what used to be called – the professional examinations. Some tumors have a genetic predisposition, such as breast cancer, colon, ovarian. If history grandmother had breast cancer, the likelihood is very high that my daughter and granddaughter will receive this gene, which causes cancer. It can be found by using specific tests such as BRCA 1 and BRCA 2.

A very low level in our population of self-responsibility towards their health. This is caused by many factors. At our clinic, usually with our patients is as follows: when the daughter brings her mother with breast cancer, against this background, she then makes himself a test for predisposition to cancer.

Рак – не приговор. Ведущие онкологи рассказали о современных методах лечения



Je: Timely access to a doctor and accurate diagnosis is most important in Oncology. To prevent cancer, the recommended time to have a health check. All women over 40 need mammograms. After 50 years for both men and women need to undergo a cancer screening – a colonoscopy (examination of the rectum), and after 65 years for men mandatory screening of prostate cancer.