Cancer the winning player will return to Aston Villa

Победивший рак игрок вернется в Астон Виллу

Petrov returns to football after a four year break

The Bulgarian player, Stilian Petrov beat cancer and is going to help Aston Villa to return to the Premier League next season.

Stilian, Petrov played for Aston Villa, when he was diagnosed with leukemia. The Bulgarian player managed to overcome a terrible disease and soon he intends to return to the big football.

“I told the leadership of Aston Villa, he was ready to start the training season with them. The last four months I trained with the youth team of Aston Villa. We did some tests over the past two weeks and my form is far from that when you need to retire. I love it, but I understand that it will be against me,” Petrov told the Daily Mail.

“People ask me a lot of questions, doubt the correctness of my decision. I’m not one of those players who runs around a lot. I play a position where you have to move around five-ten meters. I’m happy how far I’ve come. I want people to see that after cancer treatment is life and you can stand up,” – said the footballer.

“If I don’t succeed, I at least tried. I constantly think about it. I worked very hard to become a footballer, and the disease I have is taken away. I got a chance again to find it. I am 36, but people play to 38, 39, 40. I’m looking after themselves and their condition and think they can still make out” – do not lose optimism Bulgarian.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Aston Villa has fired 500 staff because of the departure from the Premier League.

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