Capital outflow from Russia increased by half

Отток капитала из РФ за год вырос в полтора раза

Capital outflow from Russia is growing

In 2017, the capital outflow from Russia reached 31.3 billion mainly due to the operations of the banking sector’s external liabilities.

Net capital outflow from Russia last year has grown in 1,6 times, to 31.3 billion $ 19.8 billion $ in 2016. It is reported by the Bank of Russia, writes Prime.

“Net capital outflow by the private sector, according to the Bank of Russia amounted to 31.3 billion (19.8 billion dollars in 2016),” – said in the message.

As noted by the Central Bank, in contrast to the situation a year earlier, the main source of net capital exports were the operations of the banking sector’s external liabilities. Capital flows associated with operations of the other sectors, was generally vzaimosoedinenii character.

Recall, the net outflow of capital from Russia in January-April 2017 increased by 2.1 times, to $21 billion from $9.8 billion in the same period last year.


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