Capitalization Of Bitcoin

Капитализация Bitcoin

This week the trajectory of bitcoin peaked at 5900 dollars, creating a market capitalization of about 97 billion U.S. dollars. Adding bitcoin to the leaders, ahead of companies such as Golbman Sach, Nike, and Bayer.

If we assume that bitcoin were a company , it would rank today 77 place in the list of Price Water House Coopers of the world’s 100 largest campaigns by market capitalization . Of course, if we look at the chart , we can see that this is the highest weekly increase in the history of bitcoin !

Opinion of financial analysts in connection with this event be diametrically opposed , some believe that only a matter of time before the bitcoin will reach $ 10,000, the other fully entrenched in the opinion that bitcoin can become one of the biggest bubbles in history.

However, the growth of bitcoin this week silenced even his most ardent critics – the General Director JP Morgan James daymon, who declared that “nothing more to say about bitcoin” noting that he feels while giant – bitcoin has been gaining interest from all over the world , this could end bad note .

He also said that cryptanalytical “worse than the Tulip bulbs,” referring to the investment bubble in Dutch tulips in the 17th century. Partly this is acceptable ! In view of the fact that indeed if we turn to the technical analysis and common sense , we can see that bitcoin in the near future correction and decrease prices with minimal mark down in the area of $ 4,500 !

Again, do not forget that the excitement resulting from last week was successfully heated obviously specially prepared media . Moreover, all sensible people drew attention to the fact that the rest of the cryptocurrency market literally froze and showed no signs of growth of capitalization .

From this we can conclude that obviously the lion’s share of the capital was transferred to a large players investing in bitcoin, where they played the game on the rise ! In General, if you deeply understand, that bitcoin is paving a path to the top by sudden breakthroughs followed by setbacks but by a greater amount from its most recent level start !

It should be noted that as bitcoin reaches new highs , it captures the imagination of people with its technological possibilities, for example there is absolutely a fresh statement of the Head of the International monetary Fund Christian Lagarde , who believes that Central banks and governments do not pay enough attention cryptopleurum , which entails certain risks . “I think we are on the threshold of revolution,” she said . This topic was raised to it at the IMF annual meeting in Washington, where in response to the question does she share the view of James diamond , who said that bitcoin is a fraud , Lagarde stressed that it is a controversial topic : “I think we should understand that we should not limit the category of digital currency speculation or financial pyramids. Cryptanalyst – a much broader concept, ” she said .