Caplin: jump In the prices of the petrol earned 700 million UAH

Каплин: На скачке цен на автогаз заработали 700 млн грн

The company earned the jump in prices of the petrol

A number of companies have carried out the Scam with the rise in price of car gas in Ukraine, said the people’s Deputy Sergey Kaplin.

MP Sergey Kaplin at a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine said that the leap in prices for autogas was caused by cartel collusion of several Ukrainian importers, which they earned about 700 million UAH. On Tuesday, September 5, reports 112 Ukraina.

According to him, the companies Hope, Gaztron-Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kommerts, Propane trade, avtotrans, Avantage-7 conducted the Scam and did everything to ensure that prices for petrol in the country remained at the level of 11-12 UAH, and even 16 and 18 hryvnias for liter.

“These companies in the last 3 weeks, according to our calculations made on you, dear Ukrainians, about 700 million UAH, and most importantly – continue to make these millions,” said Caplin.

He noted that he had transferred to the GPU, the Antimonopoly Committee, the SBU materials from telephone conversations with these business leaders and owners.

In addition, Caplin demanded that the Prosecutor General’s office and the Antimonopoly Committee to deal in this situation.

As reported Корреспондент.netfrom the middle of August in Ukraine began to rise in price of gas for the car, setting an absolute record for all history. Liquefied natural gas has risen in price at the pump in half, and wholesale prices doubled.

On Wednesday, August 30, President Poroshenko promised that the price of liquefied petroleum gas will be reduced in the second half of September. The price correction began on August 31.