Car hijackers arrested the Deputy head of national police

Задержаны угонщики авто замглавы Нацполиции

Auto hid under Obukhov.

Security forces detained five people who had stolen, including the official car of the Deputy head of national police Alexander Fatsevich. This was announced by the head of national police Sergey Knyazev in his Twitter on Sunday, August 20.

According to him, the car was hiding in the Obukhov district of Kyiv region. Also detained three of the organizer of the hijacking.

“I said hold it”, – he wrote, promising to provide details later.

Recall, August 11, from the home of the driver of the official Fatsevich in sofiivs’ka borshchahivka Kiev stole the Lexus GX Fatsevich. Then, the Prince ensured that will find thieves.