Caravan: In the episode with the penalty I stopped, he just ran into me

Караваев: В эпизоде с пенальти я остановился, он просто врезался в меня

Alexander Karavaev

Alexander Karavaev has commented on the match against Nigeria.

Defender Oleksandr Karavaev has commented on the match against Nigeria, which ended in a draw.

Karavaev believes that in the first half of the match the Ukrainian team made a lot of mistakes.

“The national team of Nigeria was a quick transition from defence to attack, they are very well locked up. It is seen that they are technical and quick guys. Run very good, it is impossible to be mistaken in simple situations, because adjust immediately. Powerful and athletic – what we expected. I think that’s a bad start of the game – it’s more errors the national team of Ukraine. We made a lot of them, especially in midfield. Cut the area open, because we play open football and should bring a ball to each player. So when we occur, we are quickly banished. Moreover, the national team of Nigeria was very quick, they proved it,” said Karavaev.

The player also commented on the episodes with his participation, after which the gate of the “yellow-blue” appointed spot.

“The penalty episode, I stopped, foot is not exposed, nothing. He just crashed into me. The judge in favor of the attack gave a penalty, it’s his decision. Next time I will be more careful play, I will do work on the bugs. The mood after the match is good because we showed character and created many chances in the second half and could have won the match. Did not give up, showed his game and achieved a draw,” said the player in the “home team”.

Earlier Andriy Shevchenko commented on the match against Nigeria.

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