Caretaker with no experience. Who was appointed to steer the movie

Завхоз без опыта. Кого назначили рулить кино

Of tax – in the movies

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has appointed Marina Kudenchuk new head of the State Agency for the movie.

The government has decided on a new head of state, instead resigned from his post Philip Ilyenko. This will require holding much of the two contests. And here the right person is found – Marina Kudenchuk.

What is known about Kudenchuk and how its purpose has reacted in a Network?

The competition

This was the second contest for the post of head of the state. It was carried out, as the leader of the first contest, the General producer of the Odessa international film FESTIVAL Julia Sinkevich did not pass the interview. At that time, Sinkevich, was the only candidate for the post of Chairman of the state among the eight candidates who failed to pass three stages of selection.

National Agency of Ukraine on civil service took the decision that Sinkevich cannot lead the state due to lack of points on one of the competencies. She Sinkevich said that low ball for which she was eliminated from the competition she received for the competence “effective management of human resources” and was going to sue.

The refusal of the National Agency of Ukraine on civil service to appoint Sinkevich, the head of the state reacted negatively to the representatives kinoindustrii. In particular, the former head of Goskino Philip Ilyenko called the competition a farce.

“The first feeling after so openly and cynically “killed” the only worthy candidate for the position of Chairman of Goskino — shock. In a democratic state can not occur and will not be”, — wrote then Executive Director of the Ukrainian Academy Anna Macuk.

In support of Yulia Sinkevich conducted the meetings.

Kudenchuk problem with the contest was not her competence that we all agree on, though before the final stage she was not in the lead. Before the interview the highest score according to the results of all stages of competition (legislation knowledge of a foreign language, an interview with representatives of the NAGS), scored the Director of the Kiev cinemas Boomer and Mogul Sergey Zlenko. But in the end, Kudenchuk bypassed him.

Zero experience

The society immediately raised questions as to the competence of Kudenchuk. From 2003 to 2017 it worked first tax, and then the environmental inspector in Kyiv.

The only connection with the movies – work for less than a year as Director of the Zaporozhye municipal theater Dovzhenko, and the organization of the festival ZIFF Zaporozhye (Zaporizhzhya International Film Festival).

In November 2019 Kudenchuk chair Director of the theater moved in the closure of Zaporizhzhya region Governor Vitaly Turynka. In this position, she worked on agricultural issues.

In her official biography on the website of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration stated that she graduated from a private Berdyansk enterprise Institute (which was later renamed to OOO Berdyansk University of management and business), getting there economist (2004), marketing (2008) and lawyer (2013).

A journalist from Zaporozhye Vladimir Milenko notes the low level of the institution.

“This isn’t high school, it’s just Cantor, where you bring several times a year the loot and end up with a piece of paper, that is diploma,” wrote Milenko on his page in Facebook.

Film critic Daria Badior, said that Kudenchuk “zero experience”, and on the page of a new Chapter in the state in Facebook “zero expertise in the industry, which suddenly decided to try to lead”.

The work of Kudenchuk a Director of the public theater in Zaporozhye Badior commented with the words “I headed the municipal theater, which is no different, the swamp and the swamp itself”. But actually be different this municipal theater in time, and not with the best hand. In August 2017 the administration of the cinema refused to show on Independence Day, a film about the hero of the UPA. Then Kudenchuk was the assistant Director of the theater.

May experience in the film industry, Kudenchuk not, but a picture with the President there.

Завхоз без опыта. Кого назначили рулить кино

Social networks


Network laugh with the fact that the power of the filmmakers was appointed head of the state person with no experience.

And sorry for Ukrainian cinema.