Carnations believes that the ward can return to the ring to meet up with him

Гвоздик считает, что Уорд может вернуться на ринг ради встречи с ним

Alexander Gvozdik

Ukrainians now aim for the title.

Ukrainian boxer light heavyweight Alexander Gvozdik doubt that the ex-champion in this weight class, Andre ward finally ended his career.

“I can’t say that I regret the departure of ward. At the moment my goal is to become world champion. Perhaps after that I would like to meet him.

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Given that the Internet leaked video with the ward’s training and sparring, maybe he made a kind of a tricky step. In our weight guys strong, but in terms of promotion they are not enough. Now the three Champions come from Russia. Maybe ward said on his retirement that these guys gained in U.S. popularity.

If he returns, I am confident that any organization will make him a title fight. At this stage of career he was thinking about titles, and checks. And maybe that way it will attract more attention. So, maybe our fight with him will ever happen,” said the Ukrainian in an interview posted on the Youtube channel

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