Carnations: the Defeat of Beterbiev in the Amateurs doesn’t bother me

Ukrainian is confident that both fighters since that time has changed.

The WBC light heavyweight Alexander Gvozdik told what to expect from a fight with IBF belt holder Arthur Beterbiev, which was already lost, being a lover.

“Beterbiev is a very hard and very strong guy, he has a lot of pressure, he’s got good Amateur experience and he is a very strong opponent

The defeat of the fans doesn’t bother me. It was 10 years ago and I have no regrets. Then he just was better, but now, 10 years later, we both changed. Will see what happens

He was definitely more experienced at the time of the meeting. He was a star Amateur, but for me it was my first major tournament with the Olympic team. I just won a national championship and then fought with the guy, the fights which I watched on TV. It was too cruel for me at the time. But now it’s my time.

My goal is to defeat this guy, and how I do it, for me it does not matter. I think this will be interesting”, – quotes Stud The Ring.

Recall, the battle of Alexander Carnation with Arthur Beterbiev will be held October 18 in Philadelphia.

On the eve of the famous promoter Bob Arum said that the meeting of the Ukrainian and Russian can be the match of the year.

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