Carragher mocked the work of Neville in Valencia before Henry and company

Каррагер высмеял работу Невилла в Валенсии перед Анри и компанией

Jamie Carragher

The former defender of Liverpool Jamie Carragher did not miss the opportunity to make fun of his ex-opponent from Manchester United, Gary Neville.

The debut of Gary Neville as coach turned out to be memorable, but absolutely not for the reasons that the Englishman would like.

His work in Valencia was a complete failure. In 16 matches of the championship of Spain in Valencia under the leadership of Neville scored 3 wins, 5 draws and 8 lost matches.

After that, Gary is faced with the righteous anger of the fans and was sacked, has hit enough for the ambition of the Englishman who said that the next 5 years definitely will not return to coaching.

Despite the fact that for the former defender of Manchester United theme of his work in Valencia is quite painful, his colleague on TV and former rival Jamie Carragher did not miss the opportunity potrollit Neville.

During the broadcast Studio in the Sky Jamie interesting way summed up the year. To the question from the master about how the time 2016 is a favorite of Carragher, the latter replied: “Gary Neville in Valencia”.

After that, all participants in the Studio, including Thierry Henry and the famous TV presenter Jeff Stelling.

[email protected], what was your favourite moment of 2016?
Response: @GNev2 at Valencia… ?

– Sky Football ⚽ amazing game (@SkyFootball) 30 grudnia 2016 R.

Unfortunately, most of Neville in the Studio was not, because to answer the taunts of Carrhae, he was not able.

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