Cars and smart coffee maker is controlled by the mobile

Автомобили и умные кофеварки контролируют по мобильному

Technologies of the future become reality

Trying to survive in a rapidly changing realities of modern cities, cars more gadgetized. And it’s not just the autopilot, or the Internet – the doctrine of “smart city” requires vehicles to be integrated into the information system and to communicate with other cars and road services. This is not a question of the distant future – today telematics assumes more and more functions. And in Ukraine, too.

Telematics – technologies that allows you to remotely collect data and to control your car, house and even a small production. The simplest example is the installation of GPS receivers on the vehicles of the transport company to monitor their movement. The coordinates from the receiver via the mobile network sent to the office – this ensures that drivers are not wasting time and fuel for personal purposes. You can also perform delays and operating costs, to calculate the best routes, etc.

However, this is only basic functionality – and it has a significant reserve for the expansion. Already introduced technologies monitor the status of individual units of the vehicle information is transmitted to the service station and, in case the driver is invited to a service earlier than it’s a critical failure. If the car has stopped before reaching the service, the GPS tracker will determine its location and sensors – set of parts needed for field repairs.

In addition to the automobile industry, telematics is used in construction, in the formulation of the concept of “smart home”. It is assumed that each appliance in the house will be connected into a single network and is managed by the owner with the help of smartphones. For example, the Nespresso coffee machine will make coffee, while you are still in bed – just press the button in the app. Or Network-connected refrigerator with built-in Samsung 21-inch screen, which is a great movies to watch and manage. The same thing can be done remotely from the office, for example.

Mobile operators have a genuine interest in the subject. For example, a unit of Vodafone Automotive is already working directly with manufacturers and supplies components to your remote control. According to tradition, it all started with premium brands – Bentley, Rolls Royce, McLaren. Obviously, owners of cars over 200 thousand dollars internally more than willing to pay for new technologies in the field of security, which initially was not cheap. Then, when the cost of components fell, the feast came in the street the “normal” Renault/Nissan and others.

Автомобили и умные кофеварки контролируют по мобильному



Progress does not bypass Ukraine. According to Yevgeny Bulakh, Director of sales and customer service Vodafone Ukraine, similar technologies are already moving out of science fiction in a number of conventional services. In our country this is especially true for services related to ensuring security and control over transport. There is a growing interest in Smart City, smart insurance, and of course, the exchange of data among vehicles sold Vodafone Automotive. Thus, innovations and good practices brought by Vodafone, puts Ukraine on a par with European countries.

I must say that the image of the country Vodafone raises not alone. National service provider of Vodafone Automotive in Ukraine was the Benish GPS company is already organized work of the service center that processes incoming information from the Porsche cars. The choice of brand is not accidental – in our country has started a hunt for a four-wheel premium, and poluarea border and murky schemes in the area of the ATO leaves a Ghost of a chance to find his car. Except that if her location will be visible on the screen of your smartphone 24/7.

Until affordable basic service – for example, center operators can call police when theft attempt – but soon Benish GPS promise to expand the range of services.