Case “CHMP-Blasco” resumed the investigation is ongoing, Omeljan

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian in the air “112 Ukraine”

Case “CHMP-Blasco” resumed the investigation is ongoing and the perpetrators will be punished. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”, said the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

“The situation with the fleet was even worse. We had a so-called “NMP - Blasco”. It is about 300 ocean liners. And it’s all gone. What I did when I became Minister, this matter put “classified” and stashed somewhere, we have the case reopened, had removed the secrecy, now it is again under investigation, we hope that the perpetrators will be punished,” he said.

At the same time, Omeljan has hope that soon will come to an end in respect of PRJSC “Ukrainian Danube Shipping company”. “At the Danube shipping company. Indeed, there is a huge problem in the business. They in 2016 showed the best performance, but I think we’ll be able to soon dot the “I”. After breaking corruption schemes in the HMO, we will continue discussing these issues. We had attempted audit in 2015, it was not successful, but I think that by 2016 we will be able to hold it in to put the point,” he said.

Thus Omeljan did not name the exact amount from the Ukrainian shipping company, which is now in offshore, but did not deny that the question of substantial funds. “It’s hundreds. Hundreds, of course. They are all under different jurisdiction under different flags,” he added.

We will remind, the black sea shipping company is the oldest shipping company on the Black sea begins its history during the Russian Empire, when in 1833 there was created joint black sea society of steamships for the establishment of permanent relations between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. Base port shipping company — Odessa.

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In January 1993, the CHMP had 227 ships, but 160 of them were scattered offshore around the world. Began the first arrests for a variety of vessels, often far-fetched pretexts: so not counted 11 of them. After conversion into a Corporation NMP destructive tendencies intensified. Interest on loans grew revenues “Blasco — NMP” refuge and output in offshore banks. As a result, a criminal case was initiated.

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As of today the fleet CHMP was reduced to one pennant.