Case Damanskogo: guard fall under the Amnesty

Дело Дыминского: охранник подпадает под амнистию

Guard Damanskogo fall under the Amnesty

The court imposed on Andrew Borsch restrictions until December 17.

The security guard of the businessman, the President of football club Karpaty Peter Damanskogo Andrew Borsch, suspected of involvement in a fatal accident in the Lviv region, fall under the Amnesty. This is stated in the materials of the court, transmit Ukrainian news.

It is noted that the investigator of national police appealed to the court according to which it requested an extension of a measure of restraint for Soup in the form of house arrest, as prosecutors extended the investigation of criminal proceedings until 19 February 2018, and the need to conduct a number of investigative actions.

The court partially granted the petition of the investigation, noting that the Soup falls under the Amnesty.

The decision States that because the Soup has a permanent place of residence, married, has a minor child and have not previously violated the terms and conditions, which demanded from him a consequence, and given the fact that he is subject to the law of Ukraine On Amnesty in 2016, the investigative judge considers it possible to change the conditions of the measure.

In the end, the court ordered him to hand over the passport and was forbidden to communicate with victims and witnesses.

The validity of restrictions was extended until December 17.

Recall, 18 August, on the road Lviv-Krakovets Damanskogo Mercedes crashed into Opel the 31-year-old woman made a turn according to the rules of the road. Natalia Trila died on the spot.

The culprit called himself the guard Damanskogo Andrew Borsch, who usually travels in a motorcade auto protection businessperson.

The brother of the deceased says that Dyminsky was driving a Mercedes at the time of the accident, and the Soup just took the blame.