Case Kaskiv should be considered in the NEB or the national police.

Дело Каська должно рассматриваться в НАБУ или Нацполиции, - Луценко

The question of the legality of the privatization of the former Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO Kiev apartments, which is currently seized, should not be considered the Prosecutor General and National anti-corruption Bureau or the national police of Ukraine. This was stated by the Prosecutor General Vitaly Lutsenko, reports the Pres service of the GPU.

“My decision is unchanged. After reviewing the case, I stay in the position for objective investigation of this case has to be considered in law enforcement bodies – NEB or the National police,” – said Lutsenko.

Earlier it was reported that the apartment of the ex-Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO again seized.

As reported, on may 23, KASKO stated that the court of Appeal of Kyiv cancelled the decision of the Pechersk district court about the arrest of his two bedroom apartment.

Recall that in March on the appeal of then-General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin, the court arrested a two-bedroom apartment KASKO. The attorney General relied on the materials of preliminary investigation against the Prosecutor that “by committing fraud, namely, of providing false information about the lack of permanent housing in Kiev and overstatement of the actual number of family members, during 2010-2014 illegally seized apartment, situated on the territory of Kiev”.

KASKO himself claimed that he had received an apartment according to the order of the Prosecutor General in 2008, it was privatized in 2014 and is noted in the Declaration.