Case Kernes: the judicial Council responded to the threat of the GPU

Дело Кернеса: Совет судей ответил на угрозы ГПУ

The GPU has threatened to open a criminal case on the judge closed the case against Kernes

The Council adopted a Declaration on the inadmissibility of bringing judges to criminal liability for making a decision.

The Council of judges of Ukraine at an extraordinary meeting on Monday, August 13, adopted a resolution which States the inadmissibility of subjecting the judge to criminal responsibility for adjudication, according to UKRINFORM.

“The Council of judges decided: to note the inadmissibility of public statements of officials of public authorities and law enforcement agencies on the necessity of bringing judges to criminal liability for the decision to provide a legal assessment of the judgment of the appellate court, and the actions of judges – the High Council of justice”, – declared the Chairman of the Board of judges Oleg Tkachuk.

The resolution also States that disagreement with a court decision is the basis for the appeal of such decision in procedural order in appeal or cassation instance.

Tkachuk noted that SSU was forced to convene an extraordinary session, since the institution has received numerous requests from judges and lawyers about the signs of encroaching on the independence of the judiciary after the initiation of criminal proceedings against a judge of the Kyiv district court of Poltava, Andrei Antonov, who closed the criminal case concerning the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes.

As reported, the judge Antonov said that prosecutors withdrew from proof of guilt, with the result that it is seen for the fourth consecutive year. The last seven meetings, which was scheduled for debate, prosecutors conceded. The court interpreted this as a rejection of the allegations and decided to dismiss the case.

Recall that the case against Kernes and his guards, who were suspected of illegal deprivation of liberty and threats of killing supporters of independence, were investigated from February 2014. In March 2015, the Prosecutor General’s office announced the completion of a preliminary investigation.


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