Case Krasnov: the Latest data of the SBU

Дело Краснова: Последние данные СБУ

This morning some media published additional details on the activities of Krasnov. We checked your information, I can say that in General the information presented in the media, and we are talking about the Krasnov contacts with other representatives of the Russian movement, this information is confirmed by our data.

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According to our information those episodes, which now appeared in the media, we are talking about December 2015, when Krasnov was in contact with a person, a citizen of the Russian Federation in the name of Maxim Perevalov. This is another of the activists of the Russian, us is reasonably suspected of involvement in the Russian special services. Because one aspect of its activities on the territory of Ukraine was supporting one of the commercial structures representative of the Russian company in Ukraine, through which Ukraine got the funds. And according to our preliminary data, these funds were transferred to the persons who were connected with the Russian special services and was used in order to perform specific tasks of the Russian special services on the territory of our state.

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In those negotiations, where we hear the voice of Krasnov and where we hear the voice Perevalova, talking a few things. The first part of the conversation was devoted to planning the revenge to the families of law enforcement officers. According to our estimates, we are talking about the SBU or other law enforcement agencies of our country.

But I would like to draw attention to the second episode, where we are talking about what the red was supposed to send blank forms and stamped “Azov” of the Russian representative and had to make the documents actually forged documents for use by the Russians. That is here we are talking about what the job Krasnov, the Russian special services used to produce cover documents for Russian activists to enable them to move freely on the territory of our state. Meeting with Krasnov Perevalova happened in the Zaporizhia region. Why are we so know, because after Krasnov was arrested in Kiev with a bunch of weapons, of course, our service didn’t leave it out of our zone of attention. But, unfortunately, Passes fled to Russia, now it is outside of our state.

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…During communication Krasnov and Goloskokov specific date of the attack was not discussed, but we see that on the example of planning terrorist attacks in the Kherson region, speech could go about the next few weeks. Because Krasnov was handed over about 30 kg of explosives, which he took from its hiding place near Kiev. And he actually conducted reconnaissance on the border with the Kherson oblast and planned part of the explosives to take out there, according to our data, directly on the border with Crimea.

About possible work Krasnov Ukrainian counterintelligence. I only know that he Krasnov said this, and the people around him said that he works for the foreign intelligence service of Ukraine. In practice, intelligence is a fairly common situation when a person who works for foreign intelligence, fulfills the task to get into the field of view of the internal service and to be recruited in order then to be able to say that I work for you, I’m your tasks performed. It’s actually not, we know for certain, in the first place, that it worked and performed the task of the Russian special services. The fact that he says that it was done for the sake of Ukraine, not sure how the 30 kg of plastic can benefit our state.

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Krasnov will show the new charges? This is a question for investigation, we work to ensure that all possible episodes of the activities of Krasnov had been appropriately qualified. There were questions why Krasnov arrested on suspicion of committing a crime related to the illegal maintenance of arms? Because it directly during the detention were found explosives, grenades and weapons. So we have a very balanced approach to the charges that we make to anyone, in any criminal process. When the investigators would be enough confidence that the collected evidence is sufficient to enable the court deliberately took a decision in this case, the materials will immediately be transferred to the court.

I hope that the state of health of mister Krasnov will normally investigate the matter as soon as possible, not to delay this process, and within a reasonable time frame to bring it to its logical conclusion, till the verdict: acquittal or indictment. As far as I know, during consideration of the petition for extension of the period of his detention he was delivered several times in medical institutions where different physicians, the doctors determined that he may participate in the trial.

Alexander Tkachuk

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