Case Nasirov Ukrainians distract from the harsh conditions of the IMF expert

Делом Насирова украинцев отвлекают от жестких условий МВФ – эксперт

Roman Nasirov during court sessions

The case itself will gradually come to “net” as the interest in it, said Vadim Karasev.

Case dismissed head of the State fiscal service of the Roman Nasirov will be long lasting and incomprehensible. The authorities use it to distract the Ukrainians from the actual problems. Such forecast was sounded by the political scientist, Director of the Institute of global strategies Vadim Karasev.

“Most likely, after the resonance, the interest will be to him less and less, it will be less to excite the minds of investigators, lawyers, prosecutors, spectators, observers, fans and antiballistics. Do not expect from him something new,” – said the expert.

He recalled that Ukraine was not brought to an end “almost no one, starting with the ex-head of the Antimonopoly of Ukraine Stanislav Bochkov, derived from the Cabinet in handcuffs and ending with a member of the High Council of justice Paul Greczkowski”.

According to Karasev, around them were loud accusations, but the investigation gave “microscopic findings”.

“Most likely, the case of Roman Nasirov will go the same scenario – a big arrest, but rather loud nedozagruzheny, and then an ignominious end. The case itself was more politically motivated than legally secured and justified”, – says the analyst.

Karasev believes that the case Nasirov power distract the Ukrainians from the two important topics – the blockade and the IMF.

“On the first one now began to talk less, and it is possible that this week’s question is about the unlock will be solved by applying hybrid methods force or Treaty,” – said Karasev.

As for the IMF, the political scientist recalled the Memorandum, which is pretty tough, given the demands on the pension reform, land market, privatization.

“It is also worth to remember about Donald trump, who takes money from foreign aid, trying to redirect in the United States. And not to forget that the United States is a key shareholder in the IMF. Therefore, if the money will be provided, and this all goes on pretty tough conditions,” – said Karasev, stating that “it Nasirova was opened on time.”

As reported Корреспондент.netRoman Nasirov was detained in the investigation of the “gas business”. He is accused of defrauding the state of $ 2 billion.

Solomensky district court today holds meeting on election of a preventive measure Nasirova.

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