Cash exchange rate on 16 Dec: the dollar – 26,32-26,98 UAH, Euro 27,50-28,47 UAH

Наличный курс валют на 16 декабря: доллар – 26,32-26,98 грн, евро – 27,50-28,47 грн

The average dollar exchange rate in banks on Friday, December 16, in the purchase decreased by 15 kopecks, and the sales increased by 3 kopecks. Thus, the dollar is 26,32-26,98 UAH respectively.

The Euro compared to the previous day, the purchase fell 26 kopecks, and by 11 kopecks to 27.50-28,47 UAH.

The Russian ruble in the purchase have not changed, and the sales rose by 2 kopecks. and is 0,400-0,440 UAH.

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