Catastrophic sea level rise is irreversible – scientists

Катастрофическое повышение уровня моря необратимо - ученые

Scientists said about the irreversibility of the melting of the glacier Totten

The melting of one of the largest glaciers will lead to sea level rise by 2.9 meters.

A group of scientists from USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia claims that in the next hundred years the sea level will rise by 2.9 meters due to the melting of one of the world’s largest glaciers – Totten, the with reference to Nature.

Climatologists have calculated that in the next century the melting of bare glacier inland for tens of kilometers East Antarctic ice sheet. The loss of the ice sheet will be irreversible, and its rate of thawing is critical.

Scientists also note that this glacier, in comparison with zapadnotekhasskaya cover, is considered to be more sustainable. However, at the current rate of global warming experts ‘ forecasts are pessimistic.

Climatologists showed what the city could flood in 100 years

It is reported that recent research has significantly lowered its predictions about the pace of melting, which was done previously by scientists.

Experts say that the rapid melting of the Totten is circulating at its base to the warm water. At the same time as the distribution of melt water into the continent, the rate of glacier melting will accelerate even more.

Earlier it was reported that in Argentina collapsed the famous glacier, White Giant.