Caterpillars in Britain was struck by the “zombie virus”

Гусениц в Британии поразил "зомби-вирус"

Virus-infected insects die, and their bodies explode.

Caterpillars in Britain was struck by the baculovirus − infectious agent that causes its victims to crawl into the sunlight, reports The Telegraph.

Otmechaetsya that the virus-infected insects die, and their bodies explode, which contributes to the infection of other insects.

The remains of the exploded caterpillars lasiocampidae oak (Lasiocampa quercus) found Chris Miller, an expert from the Wildlife Trust who were involved in the shooting of the butterflies on camera.

First, he noticed the motionless caterpillars hanging from the branches of small bushes, and then found pieces of skin insects on adjacent plants.

The caterpillars of this species prefer to stay in the shade of the bushes, as it reduces the likelihood that they will notice birds. However, the baculovirus change their behavior, and they crawl out on open space.

According to Miller, it looks like a horror movie about zombies. The infection gradually dissolves the insect and thins the skin. Even weak mechanical impact may cause rupture of the skin and the excretion of fluids, filled with new viruses.

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