Cats are more like women – scientists

Кошки больше любят женщин – ученые

Scientists have explained why cats are more like women

Women are more likely to interact with their Pets and more attached to them than men.

Women form closer emotional bond with cats than men. To such conclusion the Hungarian scientists, according to Applied Animal Behaviour Science.

Researchers from Eotvos Lorand University watched the 157 owners and owners of cats and found that women are more likely to interact with their Pets than men. They are more likely to talk to your or other people’s cats, you know what food they need, and what is prohibited and what toys they like.

Women smile more often to Pets and understand their emotions. The best interaction was found between the women and the old cats, and the worst between men and young animals.

Scientists aim to find out whether cats can be just as good companions as dogs, cats interaction with people is studied worse.

According to scientists, at more adult cats can reveal more obvious signs of emotional attachment, and a more intimate connection with women, apparently, occurs because of the greater antichnosti of the latter.

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