Caught drink driving the MP don’t even fined – media

Пойманного на пьяном вождении нардепа даже не оштрафовали – СМИ

Andrew Antonischak

Constituting the Protocol inspector does not appear for court.

Against the people’s Deputy from BPP Andrei Antonescu that in August, the patrol stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, closed case. The decision adopted by the Mykolaiv district court of Lviv region on November 28, however, in the Unified state register of court decisions the judgment was published only on December 28.

Caught drunk behind the wheel of the Audi A6 Antonischak refused to undergo examination and a breathalyzer test, according to

However, police noticed his obvious signs of intoxication, which was confirmed by two witnesses who were at the scene. But neither constitutes a Protocol inspector, nor the two witnesses never came to court.

Thus, the case was closed due to the expiration of the imposition of an administrative penalty – it has been more than 3 months from the date of the offense. Antonischak escaped punishment by deprivation of driving license for a year, and 10.2 thousand UAH of a penalty.

Earlier Odessa patrol stopped a Nissan Micra, at the wheel which was drunk official in the Odessa city hall Diane Ternovenko. In drawing up the Protocol the official has behaved inappropriately, insulted the patrol and hit a journalist, who filmed the event on camera.