CBS – build a real future

CBS – строим недвижимое будущее

CBS is a diversified investment and industrial group that operates in five regions of Ukraine.

The holding consolidates a number of companies that spetsializiruyutsya on real estate development, General Contracting services, brokerage operations in residential and commercial real estate, marketing, information technologies and consulting in the field of real estate.

Today, the assets of the Holding company CBS seven projects in four regions of the country: Alexander the LCD 1 and the Residence in Zaporozhye, ZHR Teterevsky Boulevard, Zhytomyr, Sumy Zarechny LCD, LCD Kovalevsky in Kropyvnyts’ke.

The first section of residential complexes Kovalevsky, Alexander 1 already in operation before the end of the year will give up two sections of zarechnogo. In December, the holding begins construction of a new facility in Zaporozhye – Alexander 2. The total area of commissioned objects in 2016 in excess of 35 thousand square meters.

CBS – строим недвижимое будущее



Market analysts agree: the holding company of CBS unique is the fact that she’s one of the few in the Ukrainian construction market development group, which activity covers several regional sites. This indicates the strong management and correctly chosen development strategy, experts say.

With looking back is important: the company operates in the regional market for a long time. Today, her projects have been recognized, they are valued by consumers and is successfully sold.

Starting August 2015, CBS has been the main investor, controller and consultant of the project “quay quarter” in Kropyvnyts’ke, Sumy and Zaporozhye. In October 2016 the management of the company CBS has decided to abandon the franchise “riverfront district” and to continue the construction of facilities under its own brand and a new form of investment.

“We are confident that this decision will have a positive impact on the dynamics of building and protecting the rights of investors and open up new conditions of housing,” – commented Vadim Kholostenko, managing partner of the Holding company CBS.

The distinctive characteristic of the projects of the holding: the rational Autonomous heating, the arranged well territory, free layout, panoramic Windows, silent elevators. This package of benefits was presented on the market at a price that compares favorably with the average standard of a given regional companies in standard residential construction.

“With the growth of offers on the real estate market, the buyer becomes more demanding investment targets, and encourages developers to format their views on the construction business as a whole, from the architectural part of the project to solicit investment. We offer the regional market a product that exceeds the projects of local construction companies, while maintaining an affordable price and flexibility to our customers”. – says Artem Lazaruk, Director of sales and marketing holding company CBS.

CBS – строим недвижимое будущее



Also worth noting: none of the complexes, under the leadership of CBS, not “stuck” in the process of construction or commissioning. Most painful for regional developers issues: the construction of engineering networks, communication and the development of the adjoining site is safely closed in the course of project management and buyers receive keys from apartments in houses with a full package of provided services.

Now CBS is eyeing the capital market and prepares, according to the company, to present interesting projects in the near future.